Ultralite, lightweight cementitious adhesives for great performance

Produced by Mapei, it guarantees a perfect adhesion to all types of substrate normally used in the building industry.

The name Ultralite is used to identify a family of innovative, lightweight cementitious adhesives, unique in their kind, ideal for bonding all types of ceramic, mosaic and natural stone, and thin porcelain tiles in particular.
They are particularly versatile with characteristics that make the work of installers simpler and quicker.

Characteristics and advantages:
• Easier to apply compared with traditional adhesives.
• Thanks to their special formulation work feels less tiring, while the glass micro-spheres or natural aggregates contained in the adhesive help make trowelling easier.
• Lighter bags (15 kg) with practical hand grip for easier handling.
• Up to 80% higher yield compared with other adhesives with the same classification.
• Excellent back-buttering, double-buttering not required.
• One-component deformable (S1) and highly deformable (S2) according to EN 12004 and ISO 13007-1 standards.
• Perfect adhesion to all types of substrate normally used in the building industry.
• Lower transport costs.
• Contain more than 20% of recycled materials.
• Help to earn Leed award points.
• Excellent brilliant white.
• Thanks to the Low Dust technology, the formation of the dust during mixing is considerably reduced for Ultralite S1 and Ultralite Flex.

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