The building industry of the future will work through BIM


Today the integrated and circular approach governs the new mindset in all the various areas of the construction industry: production, choice of materials, design, the construction site, the use and maintenance of a building, and its

Balance: ready for new balances?

Impertek introduces the new self-levelling head for Jack Supports


This year Impertek is going to launch on building market 5 new products, indispensable to realize external raised floorings.
A range of adjustable supports and accessories essential to simplify work on site, among them 2 new supports with an incredible low height: Prime Up (adjustable support with a minimum height of 10 mm) and MiniBalance (self-levelling and adjustable support from 25 to 50 mm).


Mapei presented its new Coloured Grouts range at the last Cersaie Exhibition in Bologna (26-30 Sept. 2016)

Mapei is the first company in this sector to use sophisticated 3D imaging to study and develop the colours for its Coloured Grouts range in combination with the latest trends in tile design. This cutting-edge research

Impertek, a leading manufacturer of products for the construction industry for over 30 years, continues its innovation process

It has always provided actual support to its customers, also extending this concept by creating MegaPro, a web application to design laying with jack and MegaMart supports for external floating floors. Accessible directly online, MegaPro has

Ceramics as opportunity

The quality of ceramic products coupled with the creativity of their design makes for innovation and high performance in building renovation projects

by Alfredo Zappa The construction industry is going through a period of gradual transition in which quantity must be replaced by quality, new build by renovation and urban regeneration, and low-efficiency buildings by structures capable of

Adjustable support Star.T

The lowest exterior elevated floor pedestal in the word

Star.T it’s the thinnest exterior elevated floor pedestal in the world, extremely adaptable and constantly adjustable thanks to the well known adjustment key. With the possibility of laying any kind of floor on Star.T, it makes

Mapelastic. The waterproofer.

In 30 years Mapelastic waterproofed more than 350 millions square meters without leaking a single drop. Terraces, balconies, bathrooms, pools, dams. Everything.

Mapelastic is a two-component mortar based on cementitious binders, fine-grained selected aggregates, special admixtures and synthetic polymers dispersed in water, blended according to a formula developed in Mapei’s own research laboratories. When the two components are

A peaceful oasis in a noisy world

(Article source: Realtà Mapei Americas n.19/2014) “Please make it stop!” In a world filled with ever-louder demands for our attention from every direction, the most precious commodity around can often be just a little peace and

Waterproofing works from large to small site with MAPELASTIC

Even though MAPELASTIC is a high performance product used for large site work, it is still well known to the general public. In fact, it has proved its efficiency in damp environments such as terraces, balconies

Ultralite, lightweight cementitious adhesives for great performance

Ultralite Flex MAPEI

The name Ultralite is used to identify a family of innovative, lightweight cementitious adhesives, unique in their kind, ideal for bonding all types of ceramic, mosaic and natural stone, and thin porcelain tiles in particular.