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Ceramics as opportunity

The quality of ceramic products coupled with the creativity of their design makes for innovation and high performance in building renovation projects

by Alfredo Zappa The construction industry is going through a period of gradual transition in which quantity must be replaced by quality, new build by renovation and urban regeneration, and low-efficiency buildings by structures capable of

Measuring environmental performances

by Rossano Resca, Centro Ceramico The environmental issues arising during the manufacturing process – atmospheric emissions, water balance, the analysis of materials, energy consumption – are such that they have been considered in the assessment of

The qualities of ceramics for building retrofits

by Andrea Serri Building energy saving is a hot topic for today’s Italian and international architecture. It goes hand in hand with building renovation and finds in Italian ceramics industry one of the main actors involved.

TCNA environmental classifications

Both practical and aesthetical, on walls, floors or roofs, tiles have influenced architecture and engineerings as no other material has ever done. Tiles are available in different sizes, thicknesses, and variety such as terracotta, ceramic, porcelain,

Sustainable thinness

In the Italian language, thinness gets associated with intelligence whenever there is a desire to better define sharpness of mind and capacity to solve complex problems through brilliant solutions. No wonder, then, that since they made

Mediterranean Home: standards and values

On Thursday 19th May, at Villa Guastavillani, an ancient manor house on the hills of Bologna, headquarters today of the AlmaLaurea of the University of Bologna, was presented the Manifesto della Casa Mediterranea – the Manifesto

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BROCHURE SULLA SOSTENIBILITA’ DELLA CERAMICA (clicca il link qui sotto – click to launch… – per aprire il pdf in un’altra finestra) Click to launch the full edition in a new window Digital Publishing with YUDU

Ecology and Italian ceramic tiles

The ecological footprint of Nations has been reminding us since the late 80s that annual use of world resource supplies is higher than it should be. As anticipated by Aurelio Peccei in 1968 and by the

Comparative LCA analysis of different types of flooring materials

by A.M. Ferrari, M. Pini, P. Neri – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Engineering Science and Methods As a result of rapid changes in global competition in the building materials market in recent