Italian ceramic tiles are protagonists in mega shopping places


by Andrea Serri

Largely widespread all over the world on the wave of American experience, the big shopping centres are extremely popular with consumers from all countries.
The possibility of concentrating a wide range of goods with thousands of consumers in a single place makes them popular places opening up interesting scenarios and real opportunities for  Italian ceramic tiles.
Having already been involved in many projects in the world where it acted as a protagonist, Italian ceramics is being chosen for shopping centres for several reasons.
First, its technical features that make it one of the most suitable materials as to its ability to stand everyday wear and tear; then the capacity to supply assistance to large and complex  construction sites. Last but not least aesthetics plays its part: the design and surface finishes of tiles are versatile and make use of chromatic features to draw interesting paths to delimit shopping areas. A useful compass to guide one’s purchases and go directly to our favourite shops.
That’s the features and potential of Italian ceramic tiles, a product which has shown to be able to express itself all over the world, as this selection of important projects for shopping centres in the world show (also see the section “Projects” of this site, in the section “shopping venues”).

Centro commerciale Le Torri, Villa Verucchio, Rimini
Centro commerciale Le Befane, Rimini
Centro commerciale Olmo di Martellago (Venezia)
Centro commerciale Le Terrazze, La Spezia
Department Store La Rinascente, Palermo
Centro commerciale The Groove, Incisa Valdarno (FI)
Centro commerciale Tiburtino, Guidonia (Roma)
Focus Mall, Piotrkow Trybunalski (Polonia)
Sky Shopping Center, Riga (Lettonia)
Centro commerciale Weimar Atrium, Weimar (Germania)
Shopping Center Yekaterinburg (Russia)
Centro commerciale Troyka, Mosca (Russia)
Itäkeskus Shopping Center Helsinki (Finlandia)
Gulskogen Kjøpesenter Shopping Mall, Drammen (Norvegia)
Centro commerciale Scarborough Town Centre, Toronto (Canada)
Seattle Design Center, Seattle (USA)
Centro commerciale Barton Creek Square, Austin, TX (USA)
Centro commerciale Granada Mall – Riyadh (Arabia Saudita)
The Avenues Mall, Kuwait City