Ceramics and conviviality

by Valentina Pellati There are places, in every corner of the world, conceived to fulfill two basic human needs: food and relationships. There’s hundreds of them everywhere: cafés, pubs, pastry shops, bistros, clubs, coffee shops.. Public

Italian tiles: major players into offices and business centres

Filled with a multiple variety of people and ergonomically organised in neatly arranged areas, offices are the public places where we spend most of our week at. Italian ceramic tiles find in office spaces and business

The world’s new city leaders

by Simona Storchi Today the idea of building new cities in Europe is no longer conceivable, so instead we have to focus on restyling urban areas and redeveloping neighbourhoods, suburbs and city centres. The last large-scale

The beauty of homes out of town

by Valentina Pellati Many of them are holiday homes, set in pleasant places near the sea or in the mountains. Others are countryside houses, perfectly in keeping with their surroundings. Sometimes it’s multi-storey blocks of flats

Projects Gallery now features more than 340 ceramic projects

by Simona Malagoli The Projects Gallery hosted on the La Ceramica Italiana website ( now contains more than 340 reports of projects completed in Italy and worldwide using Italian ceramic tiles from 74 different brands. These

Places for sports

The XXXI Olympic Games will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro next August. As history shows, the cities elected by the Olympic Committee commit to renovating their sports facilities or building new ones to host the

Mediterranean Home: standards and values

On Thursday 19th May, at Villa Guastavillani, an ancient manor house on the hills of Bologna, headquarters today of the AlmaLaurea of the University of Bologna, was presented the Manifesto della Casa Mediterranea – the Manifesto

Mapei at the Gardens by the Bay

Following its independence from the Commonwealth in 1965, Singapore was conceived as an enormous garden city where parks and tropical gardens would extend around each new housing development. The opening of the first garden in the

Italian ceramics in cultural and educational buildings

The leadership of Italian ceramics is also evident from the fact that designers all over the world tend to employ ceramics in the construction of museums, theatres, auditoriums, schools, libraries, polyfunctional centres. Below is a list

Italian ceramic tiles in retail spaces

by Patrizia Gilioli Ceramic tile has always been a popular surface covering material in interior and exterior retail spaces and is now seeing steady growth in its use in this field of application. There are two