Places for sports

The XXXI Olympic Games will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro next August. As history shows, the cities elected by the Olympic Committee commit to renovating their sports facilities or building new ones to host the Games, often creating real works of modern architecture.

The use of ceramics in sports facilities (sports halls, swimming pools, lobby and lounge areas) is not uncommon, and the number of projects involving tiles is extensively increasing. Italian ceramics fully complies with the legal requirements to design sports centres (fields, sports equipment and services). Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, tiles nowadays come with special pieces to suit every possible need, such as profiles and bases, angles and strips, so as to avoid dangerous rough edges or areas which are difficult to clean. Ceramics also guarantees resistance to tear and wear, plus it’s a long life, waterproof, non-slip material.

The subsection Projects (in “sports buildings”) shows a selection of sports complexes where ceramics has been employed, in Italy as well as in other parts of the world.
Here are a few examples.

Aquapark Uherské Hradiště (Czech Rep)

Y-40 the Deep Joy – Montegrotto Terme (PD) (Italy)

Stayen Stadium – Sint-Truiden (Belgium)

Milan Club “Casa Milan” – Milan (Italy)

Aquarena – Arras (France)

Ghelamco Arena – Gand (Belgium)

Parco del Lambrone Leisurel and Sports Centre- Erba (Italy)

Barclays Center Sports Palace- Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Altamarea Beach Village – Cattolica (RN) (Italy)

Centre Sport & Santé – Dorigny/Lausanne (Switzerland)

Stožice Sports Park – Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia)

Eggenberg Swimming Complex – Graz (Austria)

Virgin Fitness Village Active Classic – Milan

Babel Sports Centre – Rome (Italy)

GetFIT Club – Milan (Italy)

”Nino Bellini” Sports Village – Crema (Italy)

La Casa del calcio – San Marino (San Marino)