Waterproofing works from large to small site with MAPELASTIC

Even though MAPELASTIC is a high performance product used for large site work, it is still well known to the general public. In fact, it has proved its efficiency in damp environments such as terraces, balconies and bathrooms, and from the 1990’s until today it has had a strong following during its publicity campaigns on radio and TV, such as the one that went on air in 2006 during the show “Striscia la Notizia”, a popular Italian satirical news programme featuring comical characters such as the big red “Gabibbo” and the “Veline” dancing showgirls. Various publicity campaigns in the Italian press have also been very successful, particularly the one two years later featuring a baby watering a dog on a terrace.
mapelastic has waterproofed more than 500 million m2 of surface all around the world
From 1992 until today, MAPELASTIC has waterproofed more than 500 million m2 of surfaces all around the world. And in just a few words, this is what MAPELASTIC represents for the building industry. This two component cementitious offering perfect waterproofing and protection against infiltration of water for terraces, balconies, bathrooms, bridges, viaducts, dams, underground structures, storage tanks, basins, swimming pools and external coatings. MAPELASTIC is used every day by thousands of professionals all around the world to the total satisfaction of end users. A long story that owes its success to its simple application and the undisputable reliability of the system. Without overlooking the safety of the product for those who apply it and for end users alike. MAPELASTIC is available among the best retailers of building products and used by specialists in the building area.

On terraces and balconies
Thanks to its high synthetic resins content, MAPELASTIC guarantees protection that maintains its flexibility and impermeability to water. It has a plastic consistency which makes it easy to apply both manually and by spray, so helping reduce the time required to carry out work, and its finish is so good that it does not require any further treatment. When the two components of MAPELASTIC are mixed together, they form a free-flowing mix which is easy to apply in layers up to 2 mm thick, including on vertical surfaces. MAPELASTIC also forms a barrier against aggressive agents and has the capacity to protect concrete structures from the aggressive action of CO2 (carbonation) for more than 50 years, from sodium chloride, which is found in seawater for example, and from calcium chloride-based de-icing salts, often the cause of serious damage to structures made from even the highest quality materials. It is also resistant to UV rays and maintains its flexibility even at very low temperatures (-20 °C). The specific nature of MAPELASTIC is particularly well expressed when it is used to waterproof terraces and balconies, and protection can be obtained by applying just a thin layer (2 mm thick) without removing existing flooring, offering unquestionable advantages in terms of intervention times and the amount of demolished material that needs to be disposed of in landfill sites. What is more, new wall and floor coverings may be overlaid directly on the waterproofing membrane, which means that both the structure and the screed are protected and, over the years, efflorescence will not form between tiles. Its excellent adhesion, appropriate flexibility which remains stable over the years and its high impermeability make surfaces treated with MAPELASTIC much more durable. MAPELASTIC is also a system that includes products for a variety of uses, such as protection for large concrete structures and for underground applications. All the products belonging to the MAPELASTIC family are described in detail on the Mapei website.

Projects waterproofing: Hotel Hilton, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Situated only meters from the Pile Gate, the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik hotel is ideally located for exploring Dubrovnik Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built over a century ago this central Dubrovnik hotel offers comfortable facilities and technology in two buildings in an historic setting with stunning views over medieval Old town and Adriatic Sea. The intervention by Mapei dates back to 2006. Terraces like new again thanks to a special waterproofing treatment with MAPELASTIC, two-component cementitious mortar with excellent bonding properties. This property, together with its resistance to the deteriorating effect of UV rays, ensures that structures protected and waterproofed with MAPELASTIC have a long service life.  Ceramic tiles were then installed with KERAFLEX MAXI, high performance, deformable cementitious adhesive with extended open time and no vertical slip, especially suitable for the installation of large-size porcelain tiles and natural stone.