Italian ceramic tiles in retail spaces

by Patrizia Gilioli

Ceramic tile has always been a popular surface covering material in interior and exterior retail spaces and is now seeing steady growth in its use in this field of application. There are two main factors behind this success: advances in manufacturing technology and consequent improvements in product performance; and design innovation in terms of materials and installation layouts.

The latest and most innovative products developed specifically for architects by the Italian ceramic industry offer growing aesthetic and compositional potential in terms of colours, finishes, sizes and accents, allowing each project to be customised with original solutions and unique expressive idioms. At the same time these products have the necessary structural characteristics to meet the most demanding technical specifications such as reliability, safety and functionality, without neglecting the key factors of ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The leading role played by Italian ceramic tiles in the retail sector is demonstrated by the growing number of projects completed by architects the world over in cooperation with Italian tile manufacturers. A wide range of these projects can be seen in the Projects section, shopping spaces category.