Top-shelf service

60 years of exemplary customer service recognized by the Confindustria Ceramica North American Distributor Award. Garden State Tile explains its strategy and perspective


60 years of exemplary customer service recognized by the Confindustria Ceramica North American Distributor Award. Garden State Tile explains its strategy and perspective

Giving voice to materials

For Solano Benítez "architecture 'speaks' through materials, it communicates using ceramic and stone. We acquire knowledge through action".

solano benitez

The Asunción, Paraguay-based practice Gabinete de Arquitectura founded by Solano Benítez, Gloria Cabral and Solanito Benítez have pursued their architectural research in the difficult socio-political environment of their native country. Driven by necessity in a context far away from the processes of globalisation, this has given them a different viewpoint of the development and value of architecture.

Solus Ceramics: creativity and customised solutions

Solus Ceramics Ltd., the winner of the Confindustria Ceramica Distributor Award 2016, is one of the UK’s top distributors with showrooms in Birmingham and London


Founded by Peter Bentley in 1995, Solus Ceramics is one of the largest British tile distributors with a ceramic tile showroom in Birmingham and a Creative Centre in the heart of London. It has a turnover of more than 21 million euros, annual sales of 600,000 square metres, a warehouse stocking more than 5,000 pallets and the capacity to cut 70,000 sq.m of tiles per year.

From stone to ceramics

Since it’s no longer active in the mining industry, Rigail today makes 63% of its sales volume out of ceramics

Antoine Rigail

The secret of the 2016 Cersaie Distributor Award winner is Baincthun stone. Rigail opened up in Saint Martin Boulogne in 1909, when the grandfather of the current owner’s began mining of the Baincthun stone, a natural stone also called bastard or fake stoneware, that takes its name from the very same small village North of France, a few miles from Boulogne.

Microcosms of space and light

The buildings created by Peruvian architecture practice Barclay & Crousse look like pre-Colombian ruins with pure geometries, seemingly timeless volumes extruded from the soil.

Crousse Barclay - Vedoble House

Sandra Barclay and Jean Pierre Crousse are a husband-and-wife team of architects from Lima in Peru who met while attending university.

Italian ceramics is number one for great attention to detail and wide product range

Attention to price/quality ratio and customer service are strategic factors

by Alessandra Ferretti Mr Heidbrink, when was your company set up and what are the major turning points in its history? Our company was founded in 1921 as a construction material supply company which had, among

Designing the invisible

Paolo Asti’s architecture practice offers “homeopathic” remedies that give new life to historic buildings in Milan’s city centre

by Alessandra Coppa In marked contrast to the extravagant global style architecture that dominates Milan’s constantly-evolving skyline, the more measured interventions carried out by Asti Architetti integrate with the urban fabric like homeopathic remedies. The residential

Laminam Expo

Today, simply presenting products is no longer enough: they need to be brought to life, placed in context within a story. This is the philosophy followed by Alessandra Stefani, Vice Chairman and Image & Communication manager

A victory for exports

by Nicola Tedeschini There is now one less obstacle facing companies that export the beauty and quality of Italian ceramic tiles worldwide. Within the ceramic tile technical committee of the Geneva-based ISO, the international organisation for

A piece of Italy in China

by Simona Storchi Its history started importing European building materials to China. Now Ambio lives with the mission of conveying the European culture and lifestyle to the domestic citizens. In 2000, the company successfully launched the