How to install large-format tiles effectively

by Sara Seghedoni

Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola has produced a video demonstrating how to install large-format tiles effectively and attain the best aesthetic and functional results. This 4-and-a-half minute video offers clear and concise but detailed information on the installation process, from preparation of the substrate through to handover of the finished installation.

The information required for error-free installation of large-format ceramic tiles (with dimensions between 90×90 cm and 120×120 cm and submultiples) begins with a thorough analysis of the substrate on which the tiles are to be laid. The next step is the choice of adhesive, which must be selected according to the place of installation and the fixing techniques adopted. To ensure effective adhesive application, it is recommended to use the back-buttering technique, applying adhesive with a fine-notched trowel to both the tile and the substrate.

The video continues with two further suggestions that are important in terms of both aesthetic and functional results. Firstly, grout joints with a width of at least 2 millimetres must be left between the tiles. Secondly, structural joints must be provided every 25 square metres of installed surface to avoid damage arising from stresses in the surface. To seal the joints between the tiles effectively, it is essential to choose suitable materials and to adopt specific installation techniques.

Last but not least, the tiled surface must be cleaned rapidly after installation by expert tile fixers, observing the timeframes necessary for handover of the premises to the client.

Watch the VIDEO for a simple guide to effective installation of extra-large format tiles.