Grout Selection, the evolution of colour

Mapei presents their new range of colours for grouting ceramic tiles

Grouting is strictly a personal choice and adds the finishing touch to every project, both indoors and outdoors. Mapei has now created Grout Selection, the new colour chart for grouting mortars. Choose from 14 different colours, 7 new and 7 from our existing colour range, to help characterise the texture of any type or format of wall or floor tiles, from ceramic to terracotta and from stone to mosaic. Their highly attractive aesthetic effect makes them particularly suitable for grouting “wood-effect” tiles, the latest trend in ceramic wall and floor coverings.


Beauty with high a technological value

Quality, functionality, a wealth of colours: these are the strong points of Mapei’s coloured grouts. Suitable for both internal and external use, they have a very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and are certified in compliance with the most severe international standards. Thanks to their natural effect, they are a perfect match for all tastes in interior design: from bathrooms to kitchens, right up to the creation of surfaces dressed with the largest, ultra-slim tiles. Apart from their long-lasting durability, they are also easy to clean and resistant to the formation of mould. In fact, our grouts come with two innovative forms of technology, the fruit of Mapei Research: BioBlock and DropEffect. The former consists of special organic molecules evenly distributed within the microstructure of the grouted joints, block the formation of the micro-organisms that cause mould damage. DropEffect technology, on the other hand, reduces the absorption of surface water.


Grout Selection is an evolution of the already vast range of Mapei Coloured Grouts. To meet the most exacting project specifications, the new selection of coloured grouts is available for the cementitious ULTRACOLOR PLUS version and the epoxy KERAPOXY DESIGN version. ULTRACOLOR PLUS is a high performance, anti-efflorescence, fast-setting and drying, water-repellent, polymer-modified product for grouting tile joints from 2 to 20 mm wide. KERAPOXY DESIGN is a two-component, translucent, decorative epoxy mortar resistant to acids particularly suitable for grouting mosaics, ceramic tiles and stone, and when used in combination with MAPEGLITTER metallic coloured glitter based on polyester, aluminium and epoxy resin, it creates particularly attractive aesthetic effects. Grout Selection is also available for sealants in the version MAPESIL AC solvent-free, mould-resistant, acetic cross-linking silicone sealant. MAPESIL AC may also be used between construction features in the building, mechanical, naval and car manufacturing sectors, and from today is also available in the brand new range of colours.

Grout Selection

7 new colours: 103 MOON WHITE, 133 SAND, 134 SILK, 135 GOLDEN DUST, 136 MUD, 149 VOLCANIC SAND and 174 TORNADO

7 colours from the current range: 110 MANHATTAN 2000, 111 SILVER GREY, 113 CEMENT GREY, 114 ANTHRACITE, 130 JASMINE, 132 BEIGE 2000, 142 BROWN

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