Flexible Love Affairs

The new press campaign of FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE by S+ARCK combines the multi-year experience of Ceramica Sant’Agostino, with the creative genius of Philippe Starck and the visionary intuition of the photographer James Bort. Starck and Bort have offered their own personal take on the sharp project approach of the collection by combining design with art. Design is represented by the constant presence on the scene of FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE by S+ARCK, which evolves into a dominating element, a canvas on which to illustrate a faced-paced story. As James Bort explains: «I imagined these walls as if they were cinema screens, using them to project images taken from my dreams and from the stories I invent.» Starck and Bort have been able to bring an extraordinary new dimension to FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE by S+ARCK, in which, as Starck explains, «what is important is a sense of marvel, the poetic originality of a surreal situation in which people find themselves doing as little as possible with the minimum indispensable to obtain maximum mental effect.»
The campaign, composed of a 1.33 minute film and a table-based version, will be visible via the most important international media.

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