Cersaie 2015 exhibits ceramic tile trends

Date: September 2015

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Cersaie is the annual event where the world’s leading ceramic tile manufacturers meet interior designers, architects and end consumers to showcase the latest trends in terms of aesthetics, size and thicknesses.

The 2015 tile trends are clear: ceramic wood remains in fashion, particularly in long and narrow “plank” sizes (15-20×200 cm) as well as larger formats such as 75×150 cm. The ever-popular herringbone wood patterns are also in vogue in the form of large strips.

Another trend is that of marble and stone imitation tiles aimed at users in search of the authentic flavour of high-quality materials. The goal is to combine the aesthetic qualities of natural materials with the versatility of industrially-made products, using incisions, colours and exclusive sizes to create compositions with great aesthetic freedom. This gives a fresh, contemporary look to an age-old material with enduring appeal.

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Decoration, especially digital decoration, is being used to combine the appeal of natural wood with a fascinating array of prints, colours and designs. Amongst the accents, classic-vintage designs are gaining ground, drawing inspiration from soft furnishings and classic cement tiles.

In the more recent graphic design trend, geometries, patterns and designs are being used to create custom floor and wall coverings with visual and tactile three-dimensional effects and harmonies of colour. The names of the collections and the colours often refer to concepts of “earth” and “clay”, reflecting the fact that they originate from the earth. These are mostly dusty, unsaturated colours.

Hexagonal sizes are enjoying continued success and there is a growing trend towards extra large sizes (80 cm upwards). Large-format tiles and panels are not only being used on floors and walls in today’s living spaces but are also being produced in suitable thicknesses for use as worktops and furnishing accessories. Products are available in an increasingly wide range of thicknesses. For outdoor use in particular, we are seeing a continued trend towards extra-thick sizes (from 14 to 30 mm) for vehicular areas, suitable for thin-set (adhesive), dry or raised installation solutions (the latter to allow for the passage of cables and pipes). Extra-thick tiles can guarantee high technical performance and visual continuity between interior and exterior floors. An enormous array of special pieces makes tiles ideal for use in swimming pools and for applications in large-scale architectural projects.

The latest new development is the ubiquitous presence of leading names in the field of art and design alongside the big tile producer brands. Shared values such as a quest for quality and excellence and the development of innovative lines and materials has led some ceramic companies to establish partnerships with internationally renowned design houses and architecture practices. This choice of partnering with leading players in other sectors emphasises the excellence of Italian products, in which creativity and craftsmanship are united with industrial expertise.

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