The hardship of contemporary society have highlighted a strong wish to stay at home, to rediscover the family nest, to retrieve warm-hearted values, such as safety, reliability and harmony. As a result, there is a revival of such terms as ‘nesting’ and ‘cocooning’ (meaning cosiness), denoting a wish to stay with your family, privacy, a need to look for protection from unforeseen external events.

Consequently we look at the emergence of a renewed love for a protected household environment and for all those details that can improve the quality of our lives. If our home remains at the heart of our lives, and it is ever more usual for us to share with other people the peace and tranquillity of a comfortable environment, we start to look at nature as everybody’s home.

Ceramics is one of the interiors components able, in both residential and public places, to communicate a concept of ‘warmth’. Thanks to its versatility, in fact the material itself contributes to create the lifestyle that we wish for.

Choosing the colours and the finishing, we can suggest many atmospheres, suitable to build-up a nest that can be different each time, changing according to taste and behaviour in order to communicate a single concept: warmth, protection, safety, affection, and the idea of love; love for everything that makes the environment unique, pleasant and warm.