Advertising campaign for Ceramics of Italy

Ceramics of Italy has reinvigorated its Italian and international advertising campaign with an elegant restyle of its print, web and social media content. While maintaining the concept and structure of the previous version, visibility and impact have been improved through changes to design, colour and typeface and the use of a more direct message.

The campaign’s slogan, “The mark of ceramic excellence worldwide”, along with the historic “Ceramics of Italy” tile logo, continue to enjoy pride of place amongst other icons of Italian and international excellence (interior design, fashion, sports cars, caviar and luxury watches), which are now enhanced visually by the use of colours, shapes and sizes reflecting the style and concepts of contemporary digital culture.

Ceramics of Italy is the collective trademark of Italian ceramic companies and is used for the association’s promotional events and for corporate activities. The mark is issued in accordance with a strict protocol and can be applied exclusively to ceramic products fired in factories in Italy.

While maintaining continuity with the previous advertising page, also created by Exprimo, the new version uses a white background in place of the previous grey, a luminous and more elegant choice that accentuates the new design of the icons.

Sporting a fresh and incisive new typeface, the headline and bodycopy is even more effective in promoting the quality and versatility of Italian ceramic products bearing the Ceramics of Italy mark.

Last but not least, the advertising page shows the address of the website, the icons of the social networks (Facebook and Twitter) where users can keep up with the latest developments, and a QR code for a rapid web connection via smartphone.