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METAMORFOSI: ceramics and design at the Milan Triennale during FUORI SALONE 2011


A journey through different countries and cultures to discover the eclectic nature of ceramics. Photos by SAVERIO LOMBARDI VALLAURI (saverio@lombardi / +39 335 360339) The eclectic nature of Italian ceramics is explored in a journey

The dining room

Italian products for every style Spacious and elegant, but at the same time homely and comfortable, the new millennium dining room takes on innovative characteristics. No longer the room in the house devoted exclusively to the

The ‘metal ceramic’ tile

Metal Stone, an innovative industrially-produced tile Metal stone, a hi-tech ceramic tile with heavy metal inserts (generally steel, but also silver or gold), is now being produced at an industrial level, giving it a very accessible

Tiles for the visually impaired

Ceramic tiles provide a solution to their needs Tiles and the elimination of architectural barriers, safety and the visually impaired – these apparently unrelated aspects are drawn together in an innovative and original ceramic product developed

Trim pieces

For all applications and settings Ceramic tiles in their wide variety of types, sizes and colours are just part of the enormous range of products supplied by the Italian tile industry. A vast selection of items

Ceramic granite

From natural stone to ceramic Through-bodied vein effects, high-level technical and aesthetic characteristics and versatility of application: these are the essential characteristics of ceramic granite, an innovative product developed through porcelain tile’s continuous evolution towards natural

Tiles and the bathroom

Ancient and modern combine to create unique settings The modern bathroom is no longer seen purely as a utilitarian space but as a room devoted to relaxation and wellbeing, characterised by aesthetic equilibrium, fluid harmonies and

Tiles with optical fibres

Light and colours to point the way Fibre optics and porcelain tiles join forces in a revolutionary new product from the Italian ceramic industry. Optical fibres introduced into a tile body through 2 mm diameter waterjet-cut

Tiles as jewels

The creativity and originality of Italian companies has given rise to an innovative new product: ceramic tiles embellished by sophisticated glass mosaic. Two age-old traditions, both renowned the world over for their outstanding artistic appeal, have

Un gioiello di piastrella

Mosaico e ceramica uniti in un prodotto originale e innovativo. La creatività e l’originalità delle aziende italiane hanno portato alla realizzazione di piastrelle ceramiche impreziosite da ricercati mosaici in vetro. Due secolari tradizioni, riconosciute in tutto