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Coverings 2011 in Las Vegas

Coverings 2011, which will take place from March 14-17, is going to break all new ground.  For the first time in the show’s history, it will hit Las Vegas, Nevada. Italian ceramic tile will light up the strip at the Sands Convention Center, as the industry creates a pavilion of more than 70 brands that bear the CTI logo and all that it represents. This location was chosen as an attractive destination for attendees and for the rich community of A&D and hospitality design professionals on the West Coast.

At the heart of Italian tile country will be the Ceramic Tiles of Italy Exhibit (Booth #4444), sponsored by Confin­dustria Ceramica, ICE and Italian Ministry of Economic Development. This will be the last year for this modern pavilion designed by Arizona modernist and CTI Design Competition Legend, Michael P Johnson. As soon as the MPJ Design Studio team got the green light on the exhibit, they set to work to select a whole new range of the latest Italian tiles. Their choices were based on color, modular forms, innovative sizes, and in many cases a percentage of pre- and post-consumer recycled content.

In addition to all new tiles, this favorite stand will have some noteworthy new features. Floor tiles will rest on a reusable floating flooring systems. This will demonstrate the benefits of a raised flooring system, while allowing the tiles to find a new life after the close of the show. After the show, the tiles will be donated to the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture for an upcoming project on the Taliesin campus in Arizona. In addition, two exterior cladding systems will be on display this year, giving attendees hands-on examples of this state-of-the-art technology.

In terms of events, the Ceramic Tiles of Italy Press Conference will take place on Tuesday, March 15 at 4:00PM where representatives from the Association will introduce the winners of the 2011 Design Competition. After the conference, Ceramic Tiles of Italy will host its annual invitation-only “Serata Italiana Cocktail” at a chic Dal Toro Restaurant in the Palazzo Hotel and announce the recipient of the Confindustria Ceramica North American Distributor Award. This distinction celebrates the close connection between Italian tile manufacturers and their valued North American partners. The seminar “The Future of the US Economy and of the Ceramic Tile Market” will take place on Wednesday, March 16 at 8:00AM, by Confindustria Ceramica’s American consultant Donato Grosser.

Knowing the importance of showing products in a real-life setting, Ceramic Tiles of Italy will also sponsor the second edition of The Installation Design Showcase. Chicago-based designer and HGTV star, Ali Azhara, will use new collections from several Italian tile companies (Casamood-Casa dolce casa, Ceramiche Provenza, Marazzi, Settecento Mosaici e Ceramiche d’arte, Sicis, Mapei) to design a 10’ x 20’ vignette. It will be built by Artcraft, an NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) installer, using Mapei adhesives, and celebrated on Wednesday afternoon at an event on the show floor.

Like a real-life piazza, in the centrally located café, the Pavilion’s long-running Italian culinary team will serve pasta and other authentic Italian refreshments every day.  In a new twist this year, they will create daily menus tied to four of the tile producing regions in Italy – Tuscania, Campania, Emilia Romagna and Veneto – to give attendees a taste of the variety of the different areas of Italy. Friends and clients will need a special VIP bracelet in order to be served!

Meanwhile, the show marketing team is pulling out the stops with social media programs, grassroots outreach to all of the professional associations in the region with offers of hotel and travel vouchers, a first-rate conference program and special events and incentives for on-site registration. In addition, Project Green Design Competition and the Coverings Spectrum Select Product competition are in the works.

In the weeks before Coverings, Ceramic Tiles of Italy will offer a digital sneak peek of what to expect in Las Vegas. On its Facebook (www.facebook.com/Ceramic TilesOfItaly) and Twitter pages (http:// twitter.com/tilesofitaly), attendees will learn about all of the new Italian tile collections launching as well as updates on CTI events and hospitality. During the show, attendees can log onto these sites to weigh in on new products, projects and general news. Show-goers are asked to Twitpic their favorite Italian products and include @TilesofItaly and #COVERINGS 2011 in all posts.

Italian ceramic tile companies and their United States headquarters at Coverings 2011

ABK Group Industrie Ceramiche

Alfa Lux

American Marazzi Tile

Antica Ceramica di Rubiera

Atlas Concorde

Capri (Serenissima Cir Ind. Ceramiche)

Casa dolce Casa (Florim Ceramiche)

Casalgrande Padana

Casamood (Florim Ceramiche)

Century (Fincibec Group)

Ceramica Del Conca

Ceramica Sant’Agostino

Ceramiche Ascot

Ceramiche Caesar

Ceramiche Gardenia Orchidea

Ceramiche Refin

Cercom (Serenissima Cir Ind. Ceramiche)

Cerdisa (Gruppo Ricchetti)


Cerim (Florim Ceramiche)

Cir (Serenissima Cir Ind. Ceramiche)

Cisa (Gruppo Ricchetti)


Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola

Cotto d’Este Nuove Superfici

Dado Ceramica (Antica Ceramica di Rubiera)

Dom Ceramiche

Edilcuoghi (Industrie Fincuoghi)

Edilgres (Industrie Fincuoghi)


Ergon (Emilceramica)

Fila Industria Chimica



Floor Gres (Florim Ceramiche)

Florim Ceramiche


Fontana Bismantova (Rondine Group)

Happy House

Horus Art

Industrie Ceramiche Piemme

Industrie Fincuoghi

Isla – Made in Florim

Italgraniti Group

La Fabbrica

Lea North America

Maioliche dell’Umbria (Rondine Group)

Manifattura Emiliana

Marca Corona

Monocibec (Fincibec Group)


Naxos (Fincibec Group)

Panaria Ceramica


Porcellana di Rocca

Provenza (Emilceramica)

Rex (Florim Ceramiche)

RHS (Rondine Group)

Ricchetti (Gruppo Ricchetti)

Rondine Group

Sadon (Rondine Group)

Saime San Prospero

Savoia Italia


Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche

Settecento – Mosaici e Ceramiche D’arte


Sintesi (Gruppo Gresmalt)


Unicom Starker


Viva (Emilceramica)