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Budapest’s M4 metro line

Budapest has the second oldest metro in Europe. Its M1 line, dating from 1896, has been declared a World Heritage Site.
The Hungarian capital’s underground transport system consists of three lines. Although the idea of building line M4 dates back to the 1970s, the project has faced a number of difficulties, including the presence of thermal springs along the planned route.

Designer mosaics for the metro station
The corridors, equipment rooms and storerooms at the ten stations are tiled with porcelain.
The tiles were installed using ADESILEX P9 cement adhesive with zero vertical sag and extended open time, while the recommended product for grouting the joints was KERACOLOR FF FLEX (produced and distributed in Hungary), a pre-packaged high-performance polymer-modified cement mortar that is ideal for grouting joints up to 6 mm in width. The joints were sealed with MAPESIL AC.
Some stations on the M4 line have been decorated with large mosaics based on designs created by artists and architects. Each of the mosaics had different motifs and sizes and consequently involved a different set of problems. The surfaces were pre-treated with the universal bond-promoting primer ECO PRIM GRIP (or with EPORIP in the case of surfaces to be recovered) and then levelled with MAPEGROUT GUNITE multi-purpose pre-mixed mortar or with PLANITOP FAST 330 quick-setting fibre-reinforced levelling cement mortar.
Finally, the surfaces were smoothed with MONOFINISH normal-setting multi-component cement mortar. Once the surfaces had been prepared, the glass mosaics were installed using KERAFLEX S1 high-performance zero-sag cement adhesive with Low Dust technology, produced and distributed in Hungary, and with ELASTORAPID high-performance and highly-deformable two-part cement adhesive.
The use of ULTRACOLOR PLUS and KERACOLOR FF FLEX mortars was recommended for grouting the joints.

High-performance deformable two-part cement adhesive with extended open time, fast setting and hydration and zero vertical sag for ceramic tile and natural stone.
ELASTORAPID is ideal for interior and exterior floor and wall installation of ceramic tiles of all types and sizes, natural stone and reconstituted stone with moderate moisture sensitivity. It attains high bonding strength within 2-3 hours of installation, allowing floors and walls to be put into service within very rapid timeframes.
It can contribute up to 4 points for LEED certification.

Technical details
M4 metro line, Budapest, Hungary
Period of construction: 2004-present
Period of Mapei contribution: 2012-2013
Mapei contribution: supply of products for work on concrete structures; products for creating substrates and resin floors; products for installation of porcelain and vitreous mosaic
Contractor: Swietelsy Magyarország Kft. (Budapest)
Installation firms: for mosaic Duoflex-Pool Kft.; for porcelain Ratskó-Bau Kft.; for resin floors Swietelsky Magyarország Kft. and Lukács és Társa Kft. (Budapest)
Installed materials: porcelain tile, vitreous mosaic
Mapei coordination: Garay Gergely, Bene Beatrix, Barna Mónika (Mapei Kft)

Mapei products
Work on concrete: Eporip, Foamjet 260 LV, Idrosilex Pronto, Lampocem, Mapegel, Mapefinish, Mapegrout Tissotropico, Mapegrout T40, Mapegrout T60, Stabilcem, Resfoam 1KM, Planitop 550*, Plastimul 2K Plus
Resin floors: Mapecoat I 600W, Mapecoat I 620W, Mapecolor, Mapefloor I 300 SL, Mapefloor I914, Primer SN, Ultratop
Porcelain tile installation and grouting: Adesilex P9, Keracolor FF Flex*, Mapesil AC
Substrate preparation and installation of mosaic: Elastorapid, Mapegrout Gunite, Monofinish, Keraflex S1*, Planitop Fast 330, Ultracolor Plus.

* Produced and distributed in Hungary by Mapei Kft.
For further product information visit website www.mapei.com