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Avanta, a space for large panels

by Alessandra Ferretti


Manuel Bauderer, how was the company established?
AVANTA Erich Bauderer was established in 1989. It was established by my father, Erich Bauderer, originally as a wholesaler for tiles and natural stone. Erich Bauderer Sr. is still actively engaged in running the company today.

How did AVANTA grow as a company?
We built new, more modern premises in 1999. We needed more space and this initiative gained us another 1000 square metres. solely for the showroom. The showroom was completely redesigned in line with modern scientific concepts – a major investment for the company. We decided to follow the trend for large format tiles, and to put them on display on larger surfaces.

What is AVANTA famous for in your country?
We’re well known in Germany for our consultancy services and for our high level ceramic tiles software. This is why we are often visited by architects looking for new solutions for their work.

Tell us about your workforce and your premises.
We have nine marketing and sales staff. Deliveries are handled by four warehouse staff. Our warehouse has a total area of more than 8000 square metres.

And who are the end users of your products?
Not only architects, although they are major clients of ours, but also construction companies and ceramics retailers. And it also happens that small ceramic tile shops send us their clients for information and discussions.

What type of tiles do you mainly sell?
We mostly sell Italian tiles; German tiles are poor sellers in comparison. Nowadays, we mainly sell large format tiles from the leading manufacturers. By now we know the Italian companies very well, in terms of their collections, marketing, distribution and above all, quality as suppliers.


And what are the tiles you sell mostly used for?
Well, since ceramic tiles is just as good for indoors, outdoor, residential and commercial applications, we don’t actually make a distinction in-house. But in general, we sell more tiles for residential installation; in our region, ceramic tile is not used very much outdoors.

Compared to the past, what would you say has become most important for the client in a point of sale?
Today’s client is no longer a “client” in the restricted sense of the word, he is really a “designer”. He no longer blindly follows fashion, but is rather looking for an individual, personalised solution for his use of tiles.

What do expect from the Italian ceramics you purchase?
First of all, we expect them to be leading products in terms of quality and design. Then, they need to be up-to-date and even pioneering in their technology and design.

What difference do you see between Italian and other ceramic tile manufacturers?
In our opinion, if you’re looking for a lifestyle product in ceramics, it has to be Italian. This is only very occasionally true of ceramics made in other countries.


How is the construction industry doing in Germany at the moment?
The German construction market is flourishing at the present time. And we hope that it’ll change a lot in the coming years – in a positive sense!

What should Italian manufacturers do to be even more appreciated in the German market?
The Italian ceramics industry needs to ensure that the German market makes quality a priority. And there’s no doubt that they’re capable of doing so. It is very unlikely that any manufacturer from any other country would be able to do so. It has to be Italy – the homeland of the ceramic tile – that takes on the challenge.

Major Italian brands distributed by Avanta
Atlas Concorde
Cotto d’Este
Lea Ceramica
Polis Ceramiche
Serenissima Cir