BigMat Girardon: a company pursuing change

Never stop, never feel satisfied, never sit on what you have achieved: that sounds like the mantra being repeated at the Bigmat Girardon’s, one of the most important and renown business realities for building materials in the region of Rhône Alpes.

by Barbara Benini

Portrait-Nicolas-Didier-Frederic-GirardonAlmost fifty years of history and a whole life dedicated to ceramics and building materials, a passion passed on from one generation to the next. Girardon managers Didier, Frédéric and Nicolas have inherited this legacy from their father Guy, who started in 1971 the company which takes his name. The company has constantly grown over the years, and today counts 8 agencies with their own showrooms all around the region of Lyon. The last agency was opened in 2013 in Chanas, and the turnover rose accordingly, reaching 103m€ last year. In 2004 the company became part of BigMat group of which Nicolas Girardon is Vice President.
Eight retail stores mean a company in good health and most of all capillary presence, proximity to clients and therefore promptness of service. All these features, together with a great variety of materials and competence of staff make Girardon one of the most important and known realities as to building materials. Materials available range from wood to ceramics, from molten glass to terracotta and natural stone as well as tap fittings and sanitaryware.
Girardon offers quality materials, professional consultancy, and efficient and prompt service: 80% of its clientele are construction professionals, the remaining 20% are private customers, involved in both residential and commercial housing. «We base our success on a wide range of high quality products, large warehouse stocks, professional consultancy, 3D simulation solutions and prompt delivery. We constantly work to guarantee and enhance the satisfaction of our clientele», they say at Girardon’s.
Girardon_ShowroomThe mantra of the company sounds like: Never stop. Never feel satisfied. Never sit on what you have achieved. A mantra that is to be followed especially when the world changes and moves itself, also as an effect of crisis. «Our customers are internet surfers, increasingly demanding and well informed. A strong commitment is therefore required on our behalf as much as a diversified offer. 3D simulations are one of our best tools and can well prove an ace in the hole. Crisis should not just be seen in its negative light. In fact it can prove to have positive sides as it requires from us greater efficiency, higher performance, more innovation and a customer-focused oriented attitude», again from the company.
Italian ceramics is key to Girardon commercial offer. «Italian ceramics is almost an obligated choice for a firm eager to offer high quality products to its customers. Not only have we started marketing partnerships with the leader companies we deal with; but Italian products constantly try to satisfy market demands, offering a great variety of choice and making of Made in Italy today a must. Italian manufacturers are not comparable to anyone else in terms of quality, technology, creativity, innovation, price and insight into the French market», spokesmen of the company say.
Thanks to its high quality products and services the firm has proved to be well capable of facing crisis, the general economic one as well as the more specific one concerning the construction sector.
«The French market has seen a decrease in construction, especially as far as new homes are concerned. But our region Rhône Alpes remains a dynamic area and the results of the BigMat Girardon group are constantly improving thanks to continuously new products such as tiles and sanitaryware».